Benihana Launches New Spring / Summer Cocktail Collection With Taiko Drumming Fanfare

UK, May 2019: In partnership with The Cocktail Professor, Benihana today launched its new spring / summer cocktail collection, now available at its UK restaurants in Chelsea (77 Kings Road), Piccadilly (37 Sackville Street), St Paul’s (Grange Hotel) and Glasgow (7 West Nile Street).

With a delicious depth of flavours from creamy & soft, fruity, dry & intense and strong & sweet, to smokey, savoury and tropical, the new collection was received with a fanfare of Taiko drummers and as an ode to their Japanese heritage, a Geisha in traditional kimono and oshiroi makeup.

The new beverage collection complements the playful and energetic style and experience Benihana embraces, by creating a unique drinking experience that tickles the five senses. Using expressive Japanese flavour combinations and small theatrical rituals surrounding the drinks, the new menu takes inspiration from Japanese culture and cuisine, presenting it with an extravagant modern ‘Rocky Aioki’ twist.

The new collection includes ‘Hanabi’, ‘Toro’, ‘Shi-Jito’, ‘Omakase’, ‘Sakura’, as well as, returning by popular demand the ‘Natsukashii’, ‘Ikigai’ and ‘Yatta’ (see below for ingredients, flavours and details).

The concoction of cocktails is part of a new and ongoing partnership between Benihana and The Cocktail Professor, with new launches planned twice a year –spring / summer and autumn / winter.

Benihana, the original Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, has been perfecting its art for over 50 years, wowing guests worldwide with its unique tableside cookery, highly trained chefs, sensational food and innovative cocktails. Guests are encouraged to ‘Pull Up A Chair as Our Kitchen Is Your Table’ offering guests a fun, fast-paced feast for the senses, this is a truly memorable, immersive dining experience.

The event took place at the recently revamped Benihana Kings Road restaurant bar area, Rocky’s Lounge, impressing the palettes of guests at a preview night. Accompanying the new selection of specially designed low-carb small dishes including ‘Marinated Hamachi; served with pink peppercorn ponzu and daikon,’ a selection of maki rolls, as well as mouth-watering sashimi and nigiri, salads and hot plates, ‘Pirikara Prawns,’ ‘Tori Kare Age’ and chicken and mushroom gyozas.

2019 is an exciting year for Benihana as it celebrates its 55th anniversary and marks a significant period of expansion, following its acquisition last year by billion-dollar Asian hospitality, lifestyle and restaurant leaders Minor International, that bought a 75% stake in Benihana (BAPL) in 2018.

Benihana first opened its doors back in 1964 with just four tables to entertain guests when iconic founder Hiroki ‘Rocky’ Aoki launched the brand. There are now three restaurants in London and Scotland (Piccadilly, Chelsea, Glasgow and St Paul’s) and a further 20+ beyond in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Four further restaurants in Egypt, Hungary, Mexico, and Pakistan are set to open in 2019.

Information on Benihana’s new spring / summer cocktail collection;

new cocktails

  • ‘Hanabi’ Do you know the Japanese word for fireworks? Fireworks in Japanese is ‘Hanabi’. These are used to ward off evil spirits. The one drinking this drink doesn’t need to worry about evil spirits. Flavour profile: Fruity, dry & intense. Ingredients: Red Berry, Strawberry & Blackberry, Whiskey, Lime, Walnut Bitters, Cinnamon.
  • ‘Toro:Toro Nagashi is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float lanterns down the river to guide the souls to the spirit world. This tropical Asian cocktail full of spirits brings you to higher levels. Flavour profile: Tropical, sweet & herbal. Ingredients: Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Dom Benedictine, Velvet Falernum, Lavender Aroma.
  • ‘Shi-Jito:’ For all mojito lovers out there! This is a delicious, Japanese twist on this all-time classic cocktail. Flavour Profile: Refreshing & umami (savoury). Ingredients: Shiso Infused Rum, Lime, Soda, Sesame Bitters
  • ‘Hinomaru’ The red dot on the Japanese flag is also called ‘Hinomaru’, the circle of the sun. Flavour profile: Creamy & soft. Ingredients: Salted Sochu, White Creme De Cacao, Coconut Paste, Red Velvet.
  • ‘Omakase’: Bartender’s choice. A bit more daring in flavours and ingredients. Our recommendation for the adventurous type. Flavour Profile: Spirit driven & savoury. Ingredients: Toasted Rice Foam, Rye Whiskey Infused with Blackened Seaweed, Punt Y Mes, Marashino.
  • ‘Sakura’: Sakura (cherry blossom) are the symbolic flowers of spring, a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of life. Flavour Profile: Sour, sweet & smokey. Ingredients: Cherry Blossom Gin, Mezcal, Mixed Flower Syrup, Yuzu Sake, Foam.

Returning by popular demand we also have:

  • ‘Ikigai’: ’’Something to wake up for in the morning’’. A very light floral drink with hints of rhubarb. Flavour Profile: Sweet & light. Ingredients: Elderflower, Rhubarb, Lemon, Tequila Reposado.
  • ‘Natsukashii’: “Deja-vu”. A floral and little bit dry, little bit sweet drink, that tastes and smells like spring blossom. Flavour Profile: Ingredients: Cherry Blossom Gin, Umeshu Plum Spirit, Dry Vermouth, Scent of Orange Blossom.
  • ‘Yatta’: Yatta is ‘’the state of joy after accomplishing a task’’. This drink is sweet, fruity and hot. Perfect for your after-dinner treat. Flavour Profile: Strong & sweet. Ingredients: Blood Orange, Whiskey, Burned Cherry Chocolate Bitters.

For more information on Benihana or for media enquiries, please get in touch with; Catherine Sharrott, T:07508 744 373, [email protected].

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